About Us

Our Management Team

Vossche was founded by Mr. Vossche Alton, who was born in Germany, but migrated to the USA in 1984 to set up his pump manufacturing business. From the rudiments of a small company, over 30 years ago, Vossche now boasts seven operational divisions each headed by a dedicated and highly qualified managing director. These divisions are:

  • Product Planning
  • Research and Design
  • Product and Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Export Sales
  • Technical Support

Through these able teams, we have provided and continue to offer stellar quality products and services to consumers throughout the world including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Our Company

Vossche headquarter is located in Texas USA, where we have a factory that covers an area larger than 140,000 square meters. Of these, 120,000 square meters cover building space, and our net capital is registered at USD 160 million. We have an average of 1,855 employees worldwide.

We produce over 2 million pump sets every year under 12 major categories with more than 2,000 specific models for power ranges 0.5kW – 200 kW. Our range of products can service needs in various industries including refrigeration, mining, metallurgy, domestic water supply, agricultural irrigation, municipal services, groundwater applications, water lifting, sewage water or clean water disposal systems, building and industrial water supply, heating and ventilation, spa baths and swimming pools, among many more.

Vossche Pump Group

Together with our subsidiaries in strategic locations as well as affiliated distributors worldwide, Vossche believes in delivery of quality products for our consumers. As such, all our products undergo comprehensive production and operational testing to ensure that they adhere to the high standards we have set for ourselves. This is why our consumers trust us to deliver the best pumps in the market and are continuously satisfied with our outputs.
In addition, we dedicate a huge amount of time and resources towards research, development and innovation to discover new and better models, applications and methods of production to continue adding value for clients.