Welcome To Vossche

Vossche has been a leading pump manufacturer in the world for over 30 years. At Vossche, we offer products for different applications. Our headquarters are in Texas, USA where we have research, development and design facilities, as well as manufacturing facilities.

Main products

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Deep well pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Sewage pumps
  • Circulation pumps

We stock over 2,000 different models of these pumps, ranging from 0.5kW to 200kW consumption.

Our products are applied in the following industries and uses

  • Domestic/residential use
  • Industrial and commercial use
  • Wastewater and sewage use
  • Agricultural and irrigational use
  • Swimming pools, fountains, water features and other aesthetic applications

We are proud to be a water pump manufacturer and supplier with headquarters in both the United States and Singapore. Our pumps are designed for domestic transfer and booster, wastewater and sewage, irrigation and agriculture, fountain and water feature, fire protection and swimming pool applications. We distribute the pumps from Singapore and USA headquarters to customers all over the world.

We are also pleased to provide water pump Original Equipment Manufacturing, OEM to registered distributors and dealers at high quality and competitive prices

Visit Vossche for the widest selection of pumps for various applications, and you’ll get the best products designed for your specific purpose. All our products undergo thorough research and design to ensure top performance and long usable life, giving you value for money each time. Whether you need a small pump for your home or heavy-duty pumps for commercial purposes, Vossche has got you covered on every front. Call us today.